If you are interested in bird watching, we are only 30 minutes away from Monfragüe National Park, worldwide famous among bird watchers. Routes through the park are organized just there, although you may want to visit it on your own. We are also near Arrocampo lake (30 minutes), a perfect place for watching grebe or heron. Although here in our estate you can also watch some birds such as, heron, mimic, golden oriole, bee-eater, kingfisher and others. The area is a great place for ornithologists.

Is the symbolic place for watching birds in Cáceres Province. You could find here lots of rapacious, vultures, Egyptian vulture, eagles, black stork and more. There are little birds too, and water birds.

In the little village of Saucedilla. You can watch marsh birds, such as Purple Swamphen, Little Bitterns, unicolor Locustella and others like white stork, cormorant, egret, Great Crested Grebe and many more.

You can watch Egyptian vulture, black stork, heron and rapacious.

In Jerte Valley. There are lots of routes.

With lots of natural gorges, forest and green spaces.


Casasturga, SL, is committed to an offer of nature tourism and especially ornithological tourism, based on a commitment of social and environmental responsibility. We understand nature tourism as “one that meets the needs of the current tourists and the regions of destination, while protecting and guaranteeing the activity for the future” (OMT, definition of sustainable tourism). Our proposal seeks to minimize The negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment and maximize the positive ones, applying for it global criteria of sustainability in its planning and development. We value our natural heritage and, especially, the living resource that the birds suppose as indicators and motivating elements. We involve our neighbors, collaborators and suppliers in improving the attention to that tourist of nature. And we understand that only environmentally responsible and sustainable offers with well-trained and conscientious professionals can prevent or reduce negative impacts and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment, especially of birds and their habitats, and to the rural development of our land. SEO / Birdlife ethical code of practice Birding good practices in ornithological tourism SEO / Birdlife

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